About Turning Point

Our Vision:

As a preaching point of the First Apostolic Church of Sanford, North Carolina, we are working to create a ministry in which people feel at home and are inspired by the infallible Word of God, where they are filled with the Holy Spirit and have a demonstrated love for Jesus, our Lord and Savior.   
Our Mission:
We’re excited about what God is doing at Turning Point and we want God to do great things in Franklin and the surrounding Hampton Roads area, Virginia, the United States, and around the world.  Our mission is to reach out to all people to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to baptize them with water and to see them baptized with the Holy Spirit.  We are dedicated towards providing spiritual care and cultivating apostolic fellowship in which everyone experiences the Love of God and the joy of serving Him and others.   
We desire to:
     a.  Create an Apostolic Christian fellowship that not only grows in numbers, but in spiritual maturity.

     b.  Teach all people to truly repent, to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and to receive the gift of

          the Holy Ghost
     c.  Preach the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person, and to teach them to observe all things whatsoever God   
          commanded to prepare them for His return.
 In our vision of the future we want our members to experience the following:
   Path to Salvation final

We strive to provide:

• A sustainable structure where dedicated ministers and members come together to increase their faith, are blessed by the gifts of
  Go, and to serve one another and their community in the love of Jesus Christ while leading spirit filled lives.
• Inspirational, worshipful divine service experiences comprised of prayer, music, a powerful message authored by the Holy Spirit.
     –  Glorify God through authentic worship and the proclaiming of His Word and provide a place for everyone to come and to
         experience the Love of Jesus Christ.

• Warm pastoral care that provides the teachings of Christ and support for the daily challenges of life for members of all age groups.

We believe that God loves everyone and that everyone is important, so we are committed to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to worship God with us.